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For a decade and a half now, with their work and commitment, Neverne Bebe have been fighting for survival of good quality music in these regions. While they were making way through thorns to the top, they learned how hard it was, especially for young musicians, to achieve anything by doing it alone. This time pay attention to and we will give you an opportunity to start faster and easier than you have imagined. Send your demo tracks of the original songs and Neverne Bebe will help you realize your dream. This invitation goes for all young, still not established musicians who play and sing music that deserves attention and a chance. In order to popularize good rock, metal, funk, pop, and hip hop music, Neverne Bebe along with the Fan Site of the band have decided to help young unknown and ambitious musicians, and are publicly inviting all such bands and individuals from the former Yugoslavia to participate. An open Contest for the best original song is starting with one goal in mind – to help young talented people. Conditions of this contest are the following: 1. Author/songs should be from the former Yugoslavia. 2. Songs are exclusively written by a new author and not previously published anywhere. 3. It is mandatory to send two demo tracks. 4. Songs cannot from the genre of folk music. Participants should send their entries to the following e-mail: and it should consist of: 1. Name of the band or individual performer 2. Name of the song (Name of Composer / Author of Lyrics) 3. City, country of origin of the performer 4. Number of band members, their names and what instruments they are playing 5. Style of music 6. Short Biography with an appropriate photo of the artist. Judges who will review the songs and decide who the winner is, are all of the members of the band Neverne Bebe: Milan Đurđević, Vladan Đurđević, Saša Ranđelović, Vladimir Ružičić - Kebac, Jelena Pudar and Jana Šušteršič. Awards: 1st Award – Free recording of One song in Neverne Bebe Studio, with the possibility of recording the rest of the material in the Studio of Neverne Bebe under favourable conditions. 2nd Award – Mini concert as an opening act for Neverne Bebe at one of their bigger concerts in the future as well as a possibility to record material in the Studio of Neverne Bebe under favourable conditions. 3rd Award – recording in the Studio of Neverne Bebe under favourable conditions – registered Forum members will decide about this award. Ten days after the contest is over, forum members will choose their favourite. All this will be guided by Neverne Bebe, especially Milan Đurđević. The contest is open until April 1st, 2009. For more information about this topic, read in the sub-forum News, which is updated daily. It is crucial to emphasize that all received songs will be posted in the appropriate topic about the Contest, which is already mentioned earlier, with the intention of getting more and more members and visitors of the website to hear Your songs and choose their favourite. Play, sing, create wonderful music and Neverne Bebe will help You make your first steps towards realization of Your dream. Good luck!

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