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Neverne Bebe - 1700 times LIVE!!!


In the current year, during which the band celebrates 15 years of existence, another jubilee went by unnoticed. Namely, on May 5th at the City Square in Bor, the band had its 1700th concert and at the same time entered the history of Serbian rock ‘n’ roll scene. Taking into account the fact that new accomplishments, albums and many new concerts are still to be seen from N Bebe, there is no doubt that this number is going to look very small some day. But, at this point in time, we thought it was important to note such a statistic. Further… In time, we will post on this website a chronological list of all concerts played so far since day one until now. This will be a historical treasure and an example to all young people and the ones who are entering the world of rock ‘n’ roll, of how our career was developing throughout the years. In fact, it will show what a long journey was taken to reach the status Neverne Bebe now have as a band and due to which this website exists. As a starter, we will only list the number of concerts per year: 1993 - 93 ( since April 4) 1994 - 137 1995 - 143 1996 - 104 1997 - 88 1998 - 147 1999 - 127 2000 - 142 2001 - 116 2002 - 102 2003 - 77 ( 38 + 39 – new band crew since July 5) 2004 - 122 2005 - 117 2006 - 85 2007 - 84 2008 - 50 ( until Sep 30 ) p.s. As one may notice, the number of concerts with the new band crew is at number 497 which means that it is to be expected that the concert No 500 will be played this year.

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