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N.Beograd - Central Pub ( IV Rock Fest )
Nikšić - House Pub
Beograd - klub Red Queen
Stepanovićevo - KC Stepanovićevo
Pančevo - Centar za kulturu
Kragujevac - Trg slobode
Beograd - Ušce Beer Fest

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Jana Šušteršič

Jana Šušteršič Jana Šušteršic was born on 21. september 1985. in Ljubljana – Slovenia.

First three years of her life she lived in Libya, than one year in Ljubljana. Because of her parents’ divorce, she moved to Belgrade in 1989.

She attended the “Marko Oreškovic” primary school in New Belgrade alongside the primary school of music “Kosta Manojlovic”. In sixth grade she moved to another school of music “Dr. Vojislav Vuckovic” where she was studying piano until the end of her high school. Her piano teacher was Dejan Stošic.

She has won a lot of prizes in local and international competitions thanks to her great piano playing skills. The greatest ones were Second prize in Streza (Italy) and First prize in Paris (France).

When she had finished high school, she enrolled on the Academy of music in Belgrade. She was only 17 and she was third on the list among about a hundred pianists. Her professor was still Mr. Stošic.

The first band she was in (and the only band before Neverne Bebe ) was the rock band “Euterpha” which she founded with her old friends. The band lasted for 6 mounts and it become very popular in Belgrade clubs.

In 2003. she signed up for the young talents competition in a TV show named “3K-dur” and came out as the winner of the season.

It was “3K-dur” where she showed her incredible talents (which she had shown in various other auditions before, too) and great performance with a lot of charisma. It was clear that her future carrier was bright and that her life would change.

Just one day after shooting this show, Milan Đurdevic called her with an idea about negotiations about a future cooperation. Her happiness could see no end.

A few days later, along with everyday practice in their main base– studio in Košutnjak – “Neverne bebe” (with Jana as a singer) begins a new quest, full of challenges.

Her debut was on 5. july 2003. along with her (then also new) colleague Jelena Pudar in Herceg Novi. From that moment began a new era in the history of the band “Neverne bebe”.

Jana’s musical idols: David Coverdale, Erika Badu, Janis Joplin, Joe Lynn Turner…

Jana’s favorite bands: Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Bad Company, Pantera, D’Angelo, Stevie Ray Vughan…

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